Monday, November 18, 2019

PRINCESS DIANA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

PRINCESS DIANA - Essay Example Being a free soul, she loved music and dancing. Also, she was quite fond of the popular culture and even after her divorce, later in 1982, she maintained her celebrity image amongst the masses. She was also deeply indulged in charitable causes including HIV AIDS, homeless and especially children with needs. Her leadership skills developed over time eventually and after consistent mentoring by Stephen Twigg, her personality transformed from that of a suicidal woman trapped in royalty to courageous women world stage performer. Furthermore, James Hewitt and Oliver Hoare turned out to be quite positive influence on her personality and helped her move forward. However, having met Hasnat Khan, she found a renewed sense of companionship and confidence in herself which transformed her leadership skills (Morton 1994). As a human being, Lady Diana was quite generous and kind. She was often found spending time in hospitals, old folk homes and various institutions. It is also said that her soul was dissatisfied and distressed, and devoting her time to Charity helped her with the healing process. She was also quite nurturing in nature as she spent a lot of time with her sons and taught them about the life outside the palace. Also, she reflected her celebrity image not just in Britain but also globally as she actively participated in charitable events around the globe including the Red Cross. During her marriage, she was acquainted to about 100 charities as Patron or President. She was also quite creative in character, and her interest and fascination with music led toward accomplishing various titles and awards. She motivated people by spreading a positive aura and sense of affection amongst others, especially the less well off. People responded with gratefulness and an even higher sense of affection toward her. Not only did they reciprocated her contributions with immense acknowledgement but also they gave her a very high

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