Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Preceptor Scenario Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Preceptor Scenario - Coursework Example 3). Jackie, a thirty-one-year old Japanese with two children was complained by her preceptor. The preceptor approached the manager and stated that the new nurse doesn’t listen to her and might be the least intelligent person she has ever met. The preceptor wondered how this new nurse made it to nursing school and wanted to be demoted as the new nurse’s preceptor. The manager told the preceptor to wait until she finds a replacement. While walking through the unit, the manager overheard the senior nurse belittling the new nurse in front of a group of peers. No one dared to say anything to the senior nurse and the new nurse was already upset of the situation. As the manager, the uncomfortable situation between the preceptor and the new nurse seems to be alarming and needs to be addressed promptly to avoid serious complications. The manager may call the senior nurse and the new nurse in a private conference so that none of them will feel intimidated and can freely verbalize issues and conflicts. The case of preceptorship is like meeting two strangers (Fitzpatrick& Wallace, 2009, p. 132) and by having a conversation, the senior nurse might understand the reason why the new nurse does not listen to her (e.g., language barrier) and the new nurse might address areas of change (e.g., enhancing comprehension).

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