Monday, March 16, 2020

The Wall essays

The Wall essays The movie is basicly based on Pink Floyds life-story. And it all starts out with Pink Floyd having flashbacks of his earlier childhood, and remembering, when he was just a little kid going out in the playground, and playing all alone, and he had no father to be around him, whenever he needed him. And not having a father, that affected him the mostly very deep. He only had his mother to look after him, take care of him and protect him, which she also did, but it was still hard for him to be raised with one parent. And in the school, his teacher was very strict and rough against the children, and that also had an influence on him. But in his aduldt life, Pink Floyd is actually a musician and at first he is just a regular guy, but subsequently he begins to smoke and drink. The drinking and smoking causes him very serious issues, like his girlfriends leaving him and having an affair with another man. Then he finds another women, but scares her away later. And day after day it gets worse and worse for him, and he slowly becomes a drug addict. Then he lies back on his chair, isolated from everything, and living in a world of his own, he starts to think about his early days again. How it all began and how he had ended so far, as he is in this position. And in the end of the movie he gets picked up by his freinds, and they give him medicine, so he can get back on his feet again. Then they drive him to the show, so he can and make a speech, about his fasicm campaign. After the show his campaign ravages the stores, and other properties that belongs to foreigns. ...

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