Saturday, February 1, 2020

Weaknesses and Strengths of Nepolean as a Military Leader Research Paper

Weaknesses and Strengths of Nepolean as a Military Leader - Research Paper Example In this paper, we have made an effort to converge his strengths and weaknesses as a leader of his army and a warrior of repute. While skimming through his speeches, it is clearly revealed that he never tried to find a middle ground as a General and instructed his forces to act suitably even amidst serious crisis. Thus, dominance and bravery are two of the most important features of the force and power which made him a military leader. These characteristics also helped him to rise to fame in most of his military expeditions. The other quality that engraved his name in history and the reason for which he is being idolized often is his incessant ability to work for infinite hours and his rigid will to succeed. These features worked wonders and allowed him to inspire his army while laying siege in foreign nations. In one of his proclamations to the soldiers during the invasion in Italy, he said that the greatest qualities of a soldier are faithfulness and discipline and then comes bravery. The use of such words augments his traits as a warrior and the above-mentioned words as expressed by Napoleon unravel his br avery and daring attitude in full force as he said: â€Å"Soldiers : Behold your colors! These eagles will always be your rallying point†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Swear to sacrifice your lives to defend them, and by your courage to keep them constantly in the path of victory. Swear!†(Napoleon’s Addresses – 1804) As a matter of fact, he displayed his capacity to work for three to four days in a stretch without sleeping or resting. The violent and brutal approach adopted by him was undoubtedly the most appropriate qualities required for envisaging success. Therefore, Napoleon’s envision was victory and he devoted himself fully towards his job as a leader of the army that also enthralled his forces to execute their duties with equal devotion and sincerity. Besides this, his power of organization was marvelous, which can be deciphered from his work and

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